Shopping, style and eating out in Singapore

I’m a writer, actress and teaching loving life in Singapore


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  1. taiye says:

    Hello! I’m loving your post so far, can’t wait to read more. would love to see the famous shopping malls! And also to get a sense of your style.



    1. kolufunwa says:

      Thanks taiyef! Shopping has been a real challenge here! I’ll def do a post soon on how my style has had to change. Also The Great Singapore Sale is coming up so I’ll do posts on different malls during the sale. Xoxo


  2. DOA says:

    Hey There Mrs Olufunwa, I see you are enjoying everything about Singapore. Hope to see more pictures and learn more about the culture…give us the good,the bad and the U-G-L-Y.


  3. Becky Scroggs says:

    Girl you can definitely shop! Inspired by/toatally envious of those gorgeous frocks!

    Love the Manet post too. X


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