Writing a novel…The Challenges Series Intro

Lord knows, writing a novel has to be one of the hardest things to do and one of the greatest achievements worth celebrating. Google the phrase ‘write a novel’ and you’ll bring up over seven million results – not only are there so many people trying to write one, lots of people are desperate for encouragement on their lonely journey to completing one. There are so many challenges to simply finishing your first draft, let alone redrafting and moulding and shaping your original story. It can be hard to keep going, to push yourself, to create daily writing habits and prioritise your book.


I’ve been writing almost since I started reading and my mother has the stapled (and highly plagiarised) stories to prove it! For many years, I struggled to write and finish the stories inside my head even though I absolutely loved the process of writing. It took moving to Singapore, drastically trimming the distractions and marrying my own personal cheerleader to get me where I am now – draft four of a story about three Nigerian friends struggling with lives that begin to implode when a mysterious man appears on the scene (do you have any idea how long it took me word that tagline?!)

I started my novel, ‘The Painted Ladies’ as an online series on my blog, and it was originally titled ‘Singapore: Single and Searching’. It’s actually my second novel – my first was so dark and heavy that I needed some light relief! I loved writing every word of the series and I really loved the feedback that I got from readers. Even though the story has changed and deepened immensely, it’s still a beach read –  a story with relatable characters, exciting plot twists and a social commentary on life in both Nigeria and Singapore.

Even on days when my writing is flowing and I’m averaging 2-3000words a day, there are still quite a few challenges in the road to creating an excellent plot, three dimensional characters and beautiful yet simple prose. So this new series is dedicated to everyone who in their encouraging, supportive ways ask me constantly ‘When will be the book be finished?? Why is it taking so long??”. This is my answer…


Link to #1 Is there any point??


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