Bye Teen Vogue! Hello Magnify!

Whatever angle you come at this, Teen Vogue have hit an all time low. I can’t imagine what parent would agree with their 11-19 year old reading a how-to manual on a sexual proclivity not for the faint hearted. Teen Vogue may claim that this article is targeting teenagers (like that makes me feel better) but in reality, we all know that children always want to read/watch content that is way too advanced for them. Teen Vogue know this too.   Further proof –  an ex student of mine, being aware of my experience as a professional actress (E4’s Misfits) recently asked me if I’d see the new series of ‘Orange is the New Black’ which he’d devoured in under 48 hours. He was trying to impress me, but all I could think about, apart from realising that this was probably the reason he hadn’t done my assignment, was that he was 13! So don’t play dumb Teen Vogue.

Rather than send more (inevitable) traffic Teen Vogue’s way (I’ve said their name 5 times in this article so far), let’s shine the spotlight on a different magazine, Magnify, which centres around faith, feminism and fashion. I got the same thrill of excitement at their launch a few years ago as I did when I first read Psychologies magazine. Not only will it show your young daughter beautifully curated images of a diverse range of women, it will explore social and spiritual issues that are thought-provoking and stimulating in articles written by journalists from all over the world. It caters to the WHOLE  woman, in all her parts.

It’s the magazine I wish I had at 16.





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