Koh Samui…travel post.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a travel blog, and this has been because I’ve literally had both hands full with two young children under 3 (!) so snapping pictures has been the furthest thing from my mind. Some say a holiday with kids isn’t a real holiday but a change of location! I tend to agree but thankfully our recent visit to Thailand was so relaxing that I had to post.

The first thing that struck me about Koh Samui was the quaint, pretty airport which is so different from the international airport in Phuket. Little white carriages (well, vans!) take you from the plane to the arrival lounge and the views of the mountains are  stunning. On our way back to Singapore, we enjoyed the duty free shopping which is situated in the cutest village style row of shops, reminiscent of Oxford’s Bicester Village. Despite it’s small size, this airport is extremely clean and efficient and I was really impressed. It made travelling so easy.

We stayed in Bophut, on the north of the island (close to the airport) but rather than choosing somewhere near the beach we decided to hire a villa in the mountains. The vista was stunning but the ride up the rocky hill was hairy! It added to the adventure factor but with an 8 month old in tow I’ll definitely be staying closer to civilisation next time.


That said, it was so peaceful and quiet and the welcome we got from Oliver, the owner of  Villa Rahul was so warm, with excellent attention paid to every detail.


IMG_9101There are lots of water sports to enjoy on the beach in Bophut (as is the case in most of Thailand) but the island is best enjoyed with nothing planned but eating, drinking and relaaaaaxing. Which is what we did. We checked out the beach at The W hotel and a great little restaurant (and hotel) called The Secret Garden.


kohsamui_feetWe barely scratched the surface of Koh Samui and we’ll definitely be back 🙂


Villa Rahul


The Secret Garden


The W hotel



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