iHerb Review…the best and worst purchases!

You can’t live in Singapore more than a few months without clocking the astronomical prices of most goods and products in your everyday supermarket, and this is down to import costs and of course the long distance. So what do you do –  swallow the mark up? Nope, that’s what iherb.com is for. I feel like barely a week goes by without me suggesting this website to someone, and I’ve gotten friends and family back in the UK in on it. They can’t believe the huge amount of choice available and the fact that this American website offers mostly ‘natural’ or organic products with a standard shipping fee.

So many people want to switch to gentler beauty products (especially if you have kids or babies) and if you like cooking or baking and you’re tired of forking out huge sums for say organic chia seeds in a packet no bigger than your thumb, then check out this Youtube video of my best purchases from Iherb as well as some products which you’re better off purchasing in stores and aren’t worth purchasing online.

I’ve left links to everything in the Youtube information box.

This post/vlog isn’t sponsored, it’s just four years of hits and misses! So I hope this is helpful someone eager to give this website a go, whether you’re in Singapore or somewhere else.




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