Kikki K haul and 20% sale…and Vlog!

I’m not one for shopping hauls, although I love watching them on youtube 🙂 but I had to share the amazing 20% sale currently ongoing at Kikki K in Ion Orchard. A friend recently introduced me to this store when she saw the weekly food planner on my fridge and surprised me with their magnetic food planner.

I absolutely loved it and loved no longer having to draw the timetable by hand with a pen! This is much faster, slicker and efficient and with 60 sheets in a pack it should last a long time.


I checked them out online and then heard they were having a sale so I took the opportunity to get items that would help organise my life and household a bit better.

If you love stationery and decluttering then this is the store for you!

First I picked up the Grocery Shopping list to compliment the food planner, which is such a relief because I was either using scrap pieces of paper (so messy) or tearing real nice paper out of my journal. Now I have something purpose made, tidy and magnetic 🙂 With two kids and a job, I really have to be organised – groceries can be really expensive in Singapore and silly mistakes can really add to your final bill! So during the week as I remember things we need, I just have to go to the fridge and jot it down.


The next item I knew I needed (and had loved online) was the travel case because I have an upcoming trip and I REALLY cannot be my usual tardy self. I’m known for losing cinema tickets as soon as they’ve been put in my hand and I can’t remember how many times Ive lost my EZ-link card. I’m really terrible and it always hurts my wallet in the end. When I fly Im 10x worse, so this is perfect – I can put our passports, boarding passes, emergency telephone numbers etc in this case and I chose a light colour to make it easier to find.

img_6338 img_6337

One important point about Kikki-K –  the designs are lovely but I definitely felt like some of the products were made of quite weak materials. I don’t know how durable they are, and when I compare say their luggage tags to products in Paperchase (UK), I don’t think they’re made as well. I’ll definitely be comparing them in the future. So I advise going for products that you really need that are made well and really checking the quality. For example, I liked their diary/planners online, but when I saw them online, the ring binders were really weak and the dividers very cheap. See below for an example…

The purchases I was happiest with were these giant ring binders for bills and important documents. These are so needed and just brilliant –  they come with dividers and sticky tabs so you can personalise the dividers yourself, and of course add your own dividers. I considered buying just the Important Documents and using it for bills too, but in the long-term, I’ll really appreciate being able to quickly reach for documents like a birth certificate in a separate folder to say a utility bill. It’ll definitely be faster and less stressful. I can’t wait to use these, our records are a real mess – this is a real need for every household.

img_6340 img_6339

img_6343 img_6342 img_6341

The last purchase was an exercise and food journal, which again I usually create myself. I’m currently 4 months postpartum and have just decided to give myself an extra push this month of March so this is really timely.

There was one more item I wanted to get which was so cute – a little book called ‘Things my kids say’. I really liked it, I always email myself things my little boy says and does so I can write them in his baby book later so I loved the idea of this but in the end, it wasn’t really needed and my current system works so why add to the clutter in my life and handbag?


If you hadn’t heard of Kikki-K, or had heard of them and weren’t sure it was any good, I hope this post helped.

I have a little surprise below…a Kikki K vlog post where I show you and talk about each item as a new addition to blackgirlinspore and something I’ll be doing regularly.



Ps – CORRECTION…in the video I say Kikki K’s website isn’t having sales but they now are! 🙂


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