Out with #facebook…in with #podcasts

Like so many, I’ve had a bittersweet relationship with Facebook. Heck, I’ve had a bittersweet relationship with technology – I’m still discovering apps and settings on my phone that I didnt know existed!

I thought Id buried my issues with Facebook – their privacy laws, the fact you can never really leave and the annoying ads that constantly pop up. But the final nail on the coffin was the realisation that it has become an endless feed of videos and news stories that constantly compete for my attention whilst giving me a permanent headache. 

I’d already blocked notifications from certain friends so that I was no longer reading about some of the most depressing events from around the world but that wasn’t enough. 

The thing about Facebook’s feed is that all you really learn about is what other people are interested in, watching or reading. I was starting to know more about what my friends and family were viewing than actually working on myself. It could no longer be said that I was even connecting more with people or enjoying photos and life events of my nearest and dearest. Facebook completely lost its intimacy as well as its power to educate me. 

Plus the recent brexit divide proved that people are not interested in others’ opinions or perspective, we just want to post our views and unfriend those who we’ve labelled as ‘stupid’, thus narrowing our circles even more and growing even less.

Unlike Twitter which allows you to connect with people (and industry professionals) on a deeply personal level as well as engage in a real (however brief!) discourse, Pinterest which serves as an invaluble tool for planning, researching, decorating etc and Instagram which is a must if you like beautiful photos and actually care about people’s lives, Facebook has become the place where you literally dump, reshare and fake ‘react’. 

The noise just became too much.

Still I hesitated…as a blogger, actress and aspiring novelist I was really nervous about removing a potentially useful online presence and though I don’t have a HUGE number of facebook friends, was it wise to cut them off from being notified about future blog posts and relevant news?

 I thought about it and decided – I care more about connecting with people, strangers even, who care about what I’m passionate about than I do about bombarding the same 273 people with content. I care more about having a conversation with people who are interested in the things I love or am excited about – books, films, parenting, Singapore, Nigeria, African brands, minimalist living, financial education and of course fiction and acting – whether their opinions align with mine or not.

It is so much more satisfying when your work connects with strangers who don’t know you than it is to recieve a thumbs up from a second cousin-once-removed living in Wisconsin. 

Perhaps its an oldfashioned approach, but creating meaningful content that’s well written and crafted with your time, energy and creativity deserves to be publicised in a way that’s authentic and adds to people’s lives not detracts. 

Thank you Facebook, but we have to break up now. It’s time to say goodbye to posts like ‘Top ten reasons why you should…’, ‘Watch what happens when…’, and ‘ You have to see this!’.

So what’s next? I’d love to say a technology/gadget-contained home is the next step forward but seeing as my hubby’s just bought a 50inch smart tv (after months of blissful silence, sigh) that’s just a pipe dream.

Well, Im excited to say that I’ve discovered a way to stay connected, learn, listen and wile away the time…a light, chilled way to relax without wasting valuable time! Yes, I’m extremely late to the party but Ive just discovered how incredible PODCASTS can be! 

I’ll definitely post about some of my favourite podcasts but I urge you to get into it – rest your eyes, listen to interviews, plays, stories, uplifting sermons and invest in updating your knowledge and skills – get information straight from experts and NOT from Facebook!

Here’s my current list:



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  1. jofurniss says:

    I can’t quite give up my Facebook habit, but I do love Podcasts – and I’m happy to discover your new recommendations. There’s so much fun info out there! Desert Island Discs is a face and Guardian Books, also All in the Mind – lots of inspiration for writers there!


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