Singaporeans go Barista Crazy

The increase in coffee shops in Singapore is nothing new – every expanding metropolis needs spaces for its’ inhabitants to relax, chew the fat and spend their hard-earned cash on breakfast you can easily make at home for half the price.

Chains like The Coffee Bean and Coffee Republic are popular with tourists, while afficionados frequent the best cafes – Coffee Man on Martin road, Dutch Colony on Turf Club road, Artistry in Jalan Pinang and Drury Lane in Tanjong Pagar.


Now apparently the 5cs are no longer proof of success in The Lion City (credit card, condo, country club, car and cash). Now there’s a 6th…Coffee machine.

Ordinary singaporeans are snapping up expensive home coffee machines, finding themselves up to $9000sgd out of pocket for the privilege of waking up to freshly ground coffee. Barrista courses are also springing up all over the island, where you can learn how to extract coffee, grind the beans and texture your milk.



I love a shiny new machine as much as the next girl, but $9000sgd?!

Hope the resale value holds…

For the rest of you sane coffee lovers, check out the Coffee Art and Appreciation Exhibition at The Art Gallery @ Temasek Polytechnic’s (TP) Glocal Connect Village, where murals made from coffee are on display til Oct 28th.



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