Brunch with BGIS…Nora!

Under the spotlight this week is Nora, a clean-living, organic-lover. I really like her simple style, she knows what works for her and is extremely laidback.



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B: How long have you lived in Singapore?

N: Almost 2 years. I’m originally from Berlin.

B: What’s been your favourite holiday spot so far?

N: I love Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong and Tokyo but Bali’s been my favourite! It’s the perfect combination of beach and party.

B: What advice would you give someone moving here?

N: Be open to a different way of doing things. A lot of friends who visit are really impressed but I tell them that being a tourist is actually very different from living in a country.

B: What’s the best thing about living here?

N: I love the long opening hours of shops and supermarkets. And I’ve never felt as safe in any other country.

B: And the worst?

N: The high rental prices. If you want to live somewhere decent, not too far from the centre, you have to pay a fortune.

We ate at Kith cafe, Robertson Quay. Nora had the spicy breakfast, I had a little mixup with my order….I ordered a strawberry muesli but got served a strawberry breakfast drink! We were chatting so much that I thought it was my mistake and then when Nora ordered my drink she was served the muesli! By which point I was already full!

Anyway, the food was very good with a lot of variety (I’ve been here once before). The service is great, it’s lovely on a cool day with the breeze from the river, just beware of the pesky birds!

Rating: 4/5






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