Organic Skincare Range – now available in Singapore!

I was recently introduced to a high end, organic skincare line called Martina Gebhardt, that’s been leading the market in Germany for 25 years. After meeting with Nora, the Singapore seller and owner of Pure Natural Cosmetics, I decided to review some of their products.  They sell creams, lotions, cleansers and toners for different age groups and skin types. I love using organic products and I’m always on the lookout for the best stuff to use on my son, especially as not all organic products are actually 100% organic. So I was immediately drawn to M. Gebhardt, whose main competitor is Dr Hauschka, a favorite of mine.

I reviewed four products over the space of a month.

I tried the ‘Young&Active’ Face Lotion, which is a light moisturiser and a great product to use in Singapore’s humid climate. I’m used to a slightly heavier cream but I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who likes a lighter touch. My skin was smooth and soft to touch for a couple hours after application.


Next, I used the Shea Butter Face Lotion which I found much too thick but I absolutely love shea and so I’d be happy to try the body lotion as I think shea is better suited to parts of the body with larger pores.


Third was the Baby & Kids Calendula cream which was very moisturising but there just wasn’t enough to give a thorough review.


So then I tried the Baby & Kids Calendula Balm (50ml) and THIS is a star product! It just glided onto my son’s skin, and his body stayed moisturised throughout the day, no touchups. It’s rich and luxurious but not thick and gooey like some balms I’ve used, and after a bath he smelled so clean. On top of that, 50ml lasted 3 weeks, sometimes with a morning and night application which surprised me.

My son loved playing with the tub and cracked it on the very 1st day!

The price points are really excellent. Have a look:

Young & Active Face Lotion (100ml) $39

Shea Butter Face Lotion (1ooml) $38

Baby & Kids Calendula Balm (50ml) $33

If you compare their prices to Dr Hauschka (sold at, their Quince Day Cream (30ml) is sold for $52 and their Revitalising Day Cream (30ml) is $50. Quite a difference…where Dr Hauschka beats Martina Gebhadt is in the variety of products available in Singapore – eye creams, serums, face masks – but the quality of their face creams, in my opinion, are the same.

I’ll definitely be reordering the Baby & Kids Calendula Balm and trying out their Rose Line. I only wish they should larger bottles of their products!

To order with free delivery check out



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