Brunch with BGIS! Chloe…

Bringing you a little slice of “Je ne sais quoi” in the form of the irrepressible cupcake, Chloe!

Like so many people in Spore, she’s got the travel bug and she’s always so well turned out, I was looking forward to hearing about her shopping experiences and her favourite spots. It was a swelteringly hot day but she managed to stay cool.


in a relationship


Grew up in London

teaches English and French

BGIS: How long have you lived in Singapore?

C: Three years in August. I was born and raised in London but I’m French.

BGIS: What’s been your favourite holiday spot so far?

C: Probably the Komodo islands. It was like stepping back in time – dry and arid and the dragons looked prehistoric.

BGIS: What advice would you give someone moving here?

C: Bring your flipflops, be prepared to sweat and try the bus! Be brave and try it!

BGIS: What’s the best thing about living in Singapore?

C: The weather. It makes the weekend feel like a holiday.

BGIS: And the worst?

C: I’ve started to feel trapped because it’s so small. I just got back from France and we did 4 different cities by car, enjoying different landscapes. You can’t do that here, you have to fly – and it’s still tropical!


CIMG2054 CIMG2039

We had quite a late brunch at the newly refurbished Oriole in 313 Somerset.  I had a delicious prawn risotto while Chloe went for their Caesar salad. She found the avocado creamy and the chicken fresh. We were very happy with the food and of course being French, she twisted my arm to have a glass of Chandon. My only critique is that their breakfast menu is very small, which is a shame considering they do all day breakfast. So that affected my rating.

Rating: 4/5

CIMG2013 CIMG2011 CIMG1998

A bientot! Till next week



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