Are we getting dumber?

This is a really quick post but it’s something that’s been bothering me recently…are we getting dumber?

Are we dumbing down to the point of utter stupidity? You can’t have failed to notice the increase of  new slang on social media and they’re mainly being championed by Hollywood’s black celebrities.

Case in point. I follow Gabrielle Union and Tracee Ellis Ross on Instagram. Both cool ladies, neither rocket scientists but ok. Both posted on the latest Essence magazine cover, a photo of the cast of Orange is the New Black.

Yaaaassssss ladies!!! Orange is definitely my new black! #essencemag #oitnb

A post shared by Tracee Ellis Ross (@traceeellisross) on


“Yasss hunny!”, “Slay!”, “Giving me life!” What ARE they on about? Are we all turning into drag queens? Is life only about fierceness? Now I see people posting all kinds of nonsense on Insta – quite plain, boring outfits accessorised with a ridiculously long weave or impractically high heels, their mediocrity papered over with these ‘comments’.

Very strange. I for one am fighting against this.

Let’s use language, let’s aim for greatness, let’s celebrate authenticity. Move over Caitlyn Bruce. Yeah I said it…BRUCE.


Oh, follow blackgirlinspore on Insta!



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