Brunch with BGIS! Michelle…

It’s Tuesday!! Michelle hails from Singapore but is now living in Australia with her hubby and cute little girl. Kudos to her doing this interview with a sleeping baby strapped to her body! CIMG1833



lives in Australia

Travel bunny





BGIS: How long have you lived in Singapore?

M: My whole life! But I currently live in The Gold Coast.

BGIS: Where’s been your favourite holiday spot so far?

M: I really love Tasmania. It’s very tranquil, calm, different from Australia’s cosmopolitan cities.

BGIS: What advice would you give someone moving here?

M: Embrace the culture and be adventurous with the food!

BGIS: What’s the best thing about living in Singapore?

M: You can get a taste of a lot of different countries through the different people you meet.

BGIS: And the worst?

M: Maybe the traffic and public transport during busy periods.

We ate at Toby’s Estate in Robertson Quay. Michelle had the berry porridge and I had the eggs benedict. Both were very good and the customer service was EXCELLENT – friendly, attentive and very baby friendly. Their mocha was also delicious.

Rating: 4/5




Hope you enjoyed the post!


Yup! 🙂

One thought on “Brunch with BGIS! Michelle…

  1. Ooh that eggs benedict looks so good!
    Your brunch series is great, nice to see other people’s perspectives of Singapore, and share your delicious foods too!


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