Phuket Stragglers Weekend!

We spent last weekend in Phuket and my body’s still ACHING! It was a real jolt to the system. I went with my husband, son, helper and a big group of friends. I think we were 13 adults and  5 kids/babies all together!

My husband’s part of a group called Stragglers and these guys don’t mess around. So it was a relaxing weekend but we also worked out. Making that vanilla milkshake worth it…

We arrived at Bang Tao on Friday night. The weekend nearly went pearshaped when some myopic scatterbrain mistook my husband’s check in luggage for theirs! Paradise Lost indeed. Then when we arrived at our zen-like accomodation, the state of the pool shot out blood temperatures right up. It was pretty disgusting. Not a good start. But a few hours and Thai takeout later, my husband’s luggage arrived and the pool (which had the victim of heavy rainfall) was in the process of being cleaned.

We hired 7 ‘villas’ surrounding a pool and chill out areas, and our rooms were very nice  – immaculate, chilled and relaxing. I really liked the decor of X2. Who told them turquoise is my favourite colour…??






The next morning, the friendly staff, headed by the warm Tanya, prepared a simple breakfast of eggs, bacon and ham. Did you know there’s a Tesco’s in Thailand!!! Warm hug.

Then we headed to the beach for a serious workout, led by Brad. You know how you’re meant to do 3 reps of a sequence of exercises and you always stop at 1/1 and a half? Not this time. For the first time ever, I actually pushed through and did all 3!

Nuff said!
Nuff said!
Well earned

We swam in the ocean, had lunch and went back to X2 for probably one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I mean, it was akin to a birthing experience. It was wonderful. Some of the group had theirs by the beach which must have been amazing listening to the ocean, but we were happy with ours by the pool, baboon calls punctuating the silence. Heavenly.


Relaxed and glowing....
Relaxed and glowing….


Dinner was a delicious barbecue of fish, skewers, fried rice, and salad. It was wonderful eating outdoors.


The next morning was a lazy one – I did a quick run on the beach, then joined the ladies halfway through their yoga session.



Feeling adventurous, I decided to try boarding! It was so scary paddling out into the ocean, especially as everyone kept telling me the waves were gentler the further out to sea I went. That didn’t help! My fear of falling into ocean, hitting my head and drowning while simultaneously being stung by stingrays, my remains devoured by sharks was overcome by the knowledge I would be writing this post!! I’m no hero but Im no chicken either. So out I went, up I stood and down I fell. And fell. And fell again. It-was-brilliant. I stopped before my hour was up because I started to get worried about the about of sea water I’d swallowed!


We had lunch at a small restaurant behind the beach, had another quick swim in the ocean and then headed back to X2 to pack for our night flight.




Brilliant trip. Love Phuket. This is our second time and it’s nice to get to know somewhere well. It’s such a great weekend spot, close to Singapore, great value for money, delicious food and lots to do. I do recommend X2. It’s rustic though, and you do have to stand your ground if things aren’t up to scratch. They’ll gladly oblige and step up.

We’ll be back.



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