Brunch with BGIS! Sabrina…

Welcome again to Brunch with BGIS! Meet the lovely Sabrina. CIMG1410

in a relationship

Hong Kong Chinese


loves staycations

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BGISHow long have you lived in Singapore?

S: Three years.

BGISWhat’s been your favourite holiday spot so far?

S: Bali. I love the culture, the fashion, the markets. You find unique pieces you can’t find anywhere.

BGISWhat advice would you give someone moving to Singapore?

S: Calculate the cost. It’s not cheap to live here. Singapore’s the most expensive city once again.

BGIS: What’s the best thing about living in Singpore?

S: The space and lifestyle. Hong Kong’s very congested, but you’ve got lot of space here.

BGIS: What’s the worst thing about living in Singapore?

S: Taxis! Taxi drivers never want you when you need them, it’s like they don’t need money!

We had brunch at PS Café Petit on Martin road. I have to admit I’ve eaten here before and I love their breakfast. It’s delicious, well salted and the avocados clinch it. How do they find ripe avocados in Singapore??

Rating: 4/5

CIMG1397 CIMG1398

Till next week!



One thought on “Brunch with BGIS! Sabrina…

  1. Haha that was so funny about taxi drivers…”it’s like they don’t need money”! Life is obviously too good in Singapore 🙂 xx


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