Brunch with BGIS! Vanessa….

Welcome to a new series I’m so excited about! I’ll be chatting to interesting people in Singapore, exploring their personal style, and enjoying great food along the way.

First up is the lovely Vanessa!




Wall Street Journal Manager

former SingAir stewardess


Check out this video for Vanessa’s personal style:

BGIS: How long have you lived in Singapore?

V: My whole life, but my roots are from Tamilnadu, India.  I’m second generation Singaporean.

BGIS: What’s been your favourite holiday spot so far?

V: Turkey. There’s so much history, and I love the architecture, the food – cranberry juice, Turkish coffee…every season, you see a different side to Turkey.

BGIS: What advice would you give someone moving to Singapore?

V: Keep a close watch on your waistline! There’s so much food here.

BGIS: What’s the best thing about living in Singapore?

V: It’s really clean and safe. You don’t have to worry about getting mugged at 3am! And the transport system is

BGIS: What’s the worst thing about living in Singapore?

V: People sometimes aren’t gracious. We forget to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. That really annoys me.

We had brunch at The Common Man, River Valley. I had The Common Man Breakfast, Vanessa had the Common Man Veggie breakfast and my husband had the French toast (naughty…). Our food was yummy, organic and hormone free. My only criticism is it was a little tooo healthy. I want to feel naughty when I have brunch!

Rating: 3.5/5CIMG1374



Hope you enjoyed this post! Check out the second episode next week!




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