Makeup and Beauty Haul and Review!

I’ve been having the best time restocking my makeup bag! Of course lots of the brands in London can be found in Singapore, but it was great to have the help of makeup artists who are experienced with dark skin. Also, the air in the UK is SO dry! It was a bit of shock to the system, so I really had no choice but to shop for ultra-moisturising brands 🙂

I’m really missing Sing’s humid air. I’ve forgotten to mositurise before (sacre bleu!) and barely even noticed! Not so in London. Wash your hands and they turn grey! So off to Boots and Selfridges I went.




To cleanse I bought Vichy’s 3 in 1 Cleanser+Scrub+Mask and I LOVE it! I haven’t been using it everyday, just to exfoliate or as a mask before something special. It’s fantastic value because you get so much out of this product without having to break the bank on 3 different ones. Big thumbs up – especially as it has no soap, parabens or alcohol.

To moisturise, Vichy’s Nutrilogie 2, an ‘intense cream for dry skin’ does what it says on the tin. 10/10. Not much else to say! Thick and rich – recipe for perfect husband…? Haha.

My favourite step in my beauty regimen – eye cream…this is my very first eye cream! It was time. The door swung past 30. Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream ‘to brighten and depuff’. I’m hardly an expert on eye creams but hey, keeping the skin around my eyes moisturised seems and feels like a good thing. It’s a pricier price tag but I like the smell, my skin does feel tangibly tighter and I love that a little goes a long way. But I’m not loyal and shall be testing others.

Avene’s Body Cream is probably a 7.5 out of 10. I love the non-fragrant smell and it is quite moisturising but it’s no match for my sahara desert feet. I started to use Nivea Visage’s body cream (blue bottle) because it’s the thickest cream I could find but the scent is so overpowering and offputting. So I’m enjoying Avene’s body cream but I won’t be buying it again.

And for the cherry on top, to spritz myself with loveliness Vichy’s Eau Thermale. ‘You don’t really need it’ the voice of reason whispered, ‘shut up and get in that basket’ self-love replied. Yeah, love it. Haven’t used it once. Still love it.

Now to makeup. It’s been nearly 2 years since I bought any!! Top of my list were concealer and powder to set and finish my looks. I’ve been wearing makeup more and more in Singapore but I guess having a kid has made me want to make more of an effort. I can’t take it for granted that I can just wake up and look good! Odds are I’ll just end up with drool and mashed up biscuits all over me.

I had the brilliant Grace helping me at MAC. She took one look at me and matched my concealer immediately. She was so lovely that I decided to queue and get some face time with her. Something I’ve never had the patience to do before.

I ended up buying MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer in NC50 with SPF 35 🙂 and their Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark. I’m so happy with both. The coverage of the concealer is just perfect and the skin finish is light and flatters the skin.

I also really wanted a lip colour. I really love lipstick and Ive started to make the move away from lip gloss (am I becoming a grown up?) and I saw this lip colour called Rebel on my sister-in-law and loved it. Well guess what, it looked great! Really strong and unapologetic. It’s definitely my new dinner lip colour. Grace matched it with their Nightmoth lip pencil. Here’s a photo…



WELL. Now I was on a roll. I picked up a gently, pinky red from Chanel called Antigone 60 (Rouge Coco Shine) It was so moisturising, was almost like a lip balm. I could still feel it at bedtime!  I matched it with MAC’s Spice lipliner and will definitely be trying and snapping the results soon.

A few days later I finished up with MAC’s primer, their Face Protect Lotion with SPF 50. It’s fine I suppose, I’ve only every used NARS’s primer. MAC feels lighter and glides on well, and you only need a tiny but the makeup artist told me.

Oh and MAC’s free eyebrow brushes are the best!

Sorry it’s a bit smudgy! I’m getting good use out of them…


I wasn’t too impressed with Laura Mercier. Their colours really didn’t pop on me. Interestingly, they looked really pretty on the makeup artist so it’s probably a brand better suited to fairer skin.

Bobbi Brown held my attention for about five minutes. Way too expensive for what you’re getting. I think the brand just does an excellent job of marketing itself . It’s gotten me in the past but not any more!

I still want to get a few more things, online and in duty free shopping. I’ve heard Illamasqua do some nice cream eyeshadows and Im looking forward to showcasing some of my new looks. It’s a bit nerve wracking, I’m no expert but I’m excited!

Oh, check me out on instagram – @blackgirlinspore. I’m a newbie!

Hope you enjoyed! If you’ve tried any of these products and liked them, let me know!



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