Operation lose weight – 3 month update!

January 5th marked 3 months to the day since I started my workout regimen, so it’s perfect timing for an update. I’m doing this because I’ve promised myself there will be a “Ta-da!” moment 9 months post partum and I really want to record the journey.

Looking back at my ‘Operation Lose Weight’ post, quite a few things didn’t go to plan! I never did try Ooberfit. It was never convenient – it never worked with my baby’s naps and I found the idea of tending to him while trying to work out really irritating. Exercise is my QUIET time, and I like to focus. I have been doing yoga and using my pilates ball and I hope to start runs in MacCritichie by the end of the month. 🙂

The first month, October, was tough just getting back into my body, working my lungs and getting over the shock of watching this huge shapeless woman lumber around – my reflection as I pushed my son in his stroller and jogged along Robertson Quay and to the supermarket! On top of that it was pretty tough carrying so much postpartum weight, but on the flip side I could work out while my son was sleeping because he slept a lot in the daytime then. I also did yoga videos on youtube. I love Yoga with Adrienne, and it was good to do a low-impact but intense workout and work up a sweat. Here are a couple of my favourites.

I stepped it up in November, breaking up my jogs with squats and lunges (not many) and then running on saturdays while my husband took care of the baby. I also tried a Fitness blender video after watching a vloggers postpartum weight loss journey. It was intense and I could only find time to do it in the evenings while the LO was asleep. Having to be nearby meant warming up best I could indoors which really wasnt enough so I kept waking the next day really stiff.

Then this started….


…rainy season, or should I say monsoon season. No more runs in the morning. I got quite down about this until I stopped moping around and decided to adjust.

December – I bought a skipping rope and looked for quiet shelters neat Robertson Quay. I skipped for 30mins while my son napped. Skipping is a great idea whatever the weather. Sometimes when it wasn’t raining it could be really bright and hot for the little man so having a shelter was useful then too.

Dec/Jan – Dubai.
Dubai was great. I always had a gymn where I stayed and I worked out almost every day. It was so great to have lots of people to babysit. I started to do high intensity cardio then weights, and then moved onto circuit training which was a great energy boost before breakfast. Unfortunately I also ate really delicious non- diet worthy food! So I dont really have the results I should have (but heck it was worth it because I didnt cook for nearly 2 weeks!!!) I also learned how to play squash which is one heck of a cardio burn.

Since I’ve been back home, I’ve been settling back in to being on my own with the tot and going for very long brisk walks as we run errands. I’ll get back to the skipping now.

The hardest thing about exercising when you’re taking care of a baby is finding the time and then finding the energy. But the great news moving forward is that I’m going to have help with the baby. 🙂 I’m looking forward to running regularly (sans bebe) buying dumbbells to tone and rejoining my gymn. Until then Ive realised that the best thing I can do is become strict with my diet, portion size and sneaky ‘healthy’ snacks. My milk supply is extremely well established (thank you Lord) so I think I can cut out most carbs and start to increase my soups and smoothies.

Im so grateful that my body is strong again and that I can do very high intensity cardio, lift weights and basically chase the burn. Its now no longer painful to sit down or get up from a sitting position. The pain in my knees is long gone and the holiday has done wonders for my energy.

That’s my update! Here are some pictures from the new year in Dubai.

Yes, I did a Kim K and cropped out my child...
Yes, I did a Kim K and cropped out my child…



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