Happy New Year from Dubai!


I’m writing at the end of a much needed rest in my first visit to the Middle East. 2014 was an exhausting year. Time slipped away like water in a basket, and I’m only now really feeling like myself again after having my first baby.

Today I read two things that I think will help me refocus this year. A short interview of Bill Rancic in a Dubai newspaper, ‘7 Days’ was the first. He’s the husband of an E! Presenter my sister loves, so that’s why I know him, but he also won the first American ‘Apprentice’. He talks about what success means and why he won the show over many other Ivy league graduates in the running.

“To me it comes into one word – fear. We are only born with two natural fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Every other fear we have learned. So many are afraid to fail, afraid to make a mistake and afraid to try. Emerson said it best when he said ‘”always always do what you are afraid to do and success will find you'”.

He also talks about risk assessment so it’s not all gungo-ho! But I love this. I want to do this. It really resonates because those really are the only things that scare my baby! So there’s truth in this….

The second is an email from my mother-in-law. She sends me a devotional every single day and I love today’s. It’s taken from something Joel Osteen (an American preacher) recently wrote. He writes about how King David wanted to build God a temple but God had decided that his son Solomon would. Solomon was young and inexperienced and scared of messing up. His father tells him to forget his fear because God is bigger than his fear and bigger than any temple he could ever build him. “[sic] just get busy and do your part and God will do the rest”.

The devotional ends with a prayer ‘God, I’m excited to see what You have planned for me this year. Whatever I face, I will not be intimidated. I will begin this year by seeing myself as You do – happy, healthy, and prosperous. Thank you for the gift of another year. In Jesus name, Amen’.

This year I want to do more and talk less.

That’s it!



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