Prenatal Massages – Review

Looking back over the many prenatal massages I had while pregnant, it occurred to me that I might be able to offer an opinion on some of them here in Spore. So here are the places I’ve tried and how I rate them out of 10…:)

Beauty, Mums & Babies
Small but high-end, Beauty, Mums & Babies was highly recommended to me by my osteopath, and by their Paragon mall address, I knew the bill would be…yup, high! Still I love Paragon (any excuse to drop into Gastronomia in the basement) so I gave them a try. The massage was very good, and extremely relaxing and the owner who you first meet in their (tiny) reception is warm and very welcoming. My only qualms were two fold, the (very lovely) masseuse didn’t speak any English, which I normally have no problem with. However, while pregnant, you might want to let your masseuse know about any sensitive areas, or communicate how hard or soft you want your massage. You have to rely on the English speaking owner (or whoever may be at the front desk) and if they’re busy then you just have to wait….Secondly, the rooms were extremely bland and uninviting. Quite a contrast to the shiny reception filled with baby and mummy products.


Their prenatal massage costs $150 for 60 minutes or $190 for 90 minutes, and for that price I’d expect much nicer digs. There are other places like Spa Botanica offering similar prices, so if you have deep pockets, you can try BMB, but keep an eye out for somewhere a bit more luxurious.

Rating: 7/10

Babies Bellies Javanese Massage & Spa
I really loved the massage here. The masseuse I used was very intuitive with soft yet firm hands. Unfortunately I can’t remember her name but I always requested her for all my appointments. Indonesian fabrics are used to cover both you and the massage bed, and there’s a real cosy, homely feel to the place, rather than the glossy shiny décor you find in most spas. I didn’t mind that and I liked the tea you get afterwards. My only criticism, and it’s a biggie, is the fact that there’s no toilet. You have to use the public toilets in the mall the Spa is in. This was a huge turn off, and meant that I had to time my appointments carefully! Seriously though when you’re heavily pregnant, comfort is everything. So unfortunately, that brings my rating down. I recommend you try their newer Novena branch, they also do postnatal massages and hopefully the facilities are better.

Rating: 8/10

RN Spa, Holiday Inn
I got a voucher for RN Spa in a Thomson Medical gift bag after taking a tour of their hospital rooms. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid after the discount but this beautiful, ornately decorated spa in the most impressive Holiday Inn I’ve ever seen had a price tag to match. The massage was average, the facilities were excellent and the soup they serve you afterwards was nice. But all in all I was the least impressed with this prenatal massage. That said Groupon have fantastic deals for RN Spa so check it out hahaha!


Two prenatal massages that get lots of positive reviews online seem to be Spa Botanica (Sentosa) and aFond (South Bridge road) so check them out.

Hope this helps a pregnant mama-to-be!



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