So the challenge begins. I’ve finally got the all clear 3 months post partum. I never thought it would take THIS long but after seeing my osteo for some labour related pains we are ready to go!

I’m actually really proud of how much I’ve lost just from eating healthily, breastfeeding and keeping active. I have my mother-in-law to thank for that! I haven’t been weighing myself but here are some pics from the last 3 months.

Ecstatic to be able to fit into this skirt!
Ecstatic to be able to fit into this skirt! 2 months pp



I’ve missed exercising so much…a friend dropped round today and we were chewing the fat about how different your postpartum body feels. The weight, the aches, your ligaments are weaker…it’s just totally different to gaining weight through food or lack of exercise.

Up till now The Golden Child and I have been going for walks every day and doing the occasional (immediately regretted) sprint across traffic lights. But this is my 6 month plan:

1st 6 weeks: jog and power walk while pushing TGC during his late morning nap. I planned to do this everyday but the way Ive been passing out in the afternoons I definitely need to start slow. So 4 times a week is the goal.
Do osteo recommended stretches to strengthen internal muscles.

DEC: Join an outdoor workout group like Ooberfit or Ozfit. Do their workouts twice a week while continuing stroller jogs. Once TGC is more independent, go for runs on my own (YAY) and drag myself down to the pool to swim and do more osteo exercises (essential but yawn)

JAN: Share a personal trainer with friends (already in the works). Start yoga again, joints and ligaments permitting (if haven’t already done so). Restart pilates ball exercises (if haven’t already)

JAN/FEB: Recommence 9mile runs at MacRitchie Reservoir – AMBITIOUS!!!

MAR – March is a bit unknown, lol. I don’t want to write something just for the sake of it. To use my husband’s ‘legalese’, we shall “take a view” in March.

What’s my goal? THIS…..

Mumbai - good times...
Mumbai 2013 – good times…

Clearly it’s going to be very very hard work. Ive never been this big before, and Ill be working against nature somewhat, because some of this extra fat is there on purpose to cushion and protect the next baby lol! If there’s one thing I have going for me it’s that Ive got the time on my hands!

One hard lesson Ive learned – appreciate the body you’ve got! Appreciate good health, physical strength and flexibility…

I’ll check in from time to time. Wish me luck!




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  1. Goodluck. You have a good solid plan! I miss the gym so much but have managed to make it work for ten months. I am starting to crave a challenge so want to train for half marathons! Bit hard with a pram though…


    1. Kehinde says:

      Thank you tarakayeclarke! Thats amazing that youve been able to keep going for 10months! What sort of stuff do u do? Do you have dumbells etc so you can recreate a gymn workout? Pramathons….it could catch on!


      1. I have a kettle bell, 5kg weight and one of thise big balls. I mainly do body weights and walking every day.
        I get the chance to run 1-2 times as well. At the moment i just want a booty so i have been doing squats!


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