Baby Shower!

It’s all systems GO. The Golden Child (aka The Gremlin – cute and cuddly in the day, milk monster at night) is 2 months old! Amazing. I’m so thankful to God that he’s such a happy, healthy charmer.

I’m looking forward to sharing pictures from when I was pregnant and looking back to when he was just ‘un bump’. I’ve got lots to share and hopefully by the time I’m done, I’ll be ready to share my postpartum exercise and health regime (currently non-existent!)

My friends Joke, Ify and Jasmeet threw me a great shower when I was 7months pregnant. I admit I’m a control freak, I wanted to take over. But they wouldn’t have it. “No one throws their own shower” – apparently. So hubby and I went round the corner to the Five and Dime for breakfast, and when we got back – voila!

The early arrivals!
The early arrivals!
Joke, Jasmeet and Ify
Joke, Jasmeet and Ify




There were about 15 of us (some dropping in at different times). There were games, lots of food and the drink flowed (even though showers are apparently meant to be alcohol-free!) The games were fun and silly, such as ‘What’s in the baby bag?’ (going round in a circle naming one item that goes in a baby bag, at the same time remembering without hesitation, in order, all the other items that had been named)




Guess the baby food:

My favourite game was ‘Draw Kehinde’s baby’ – an exercise in guessing what my baby would look like… Here are the results:



My personal favourite – ‘child/chicken’





Excited Mama:

Proud Papa and resident photographer:

Seriously cool cake. Although the person who yelled “Caesarean” as we cut is just weird.



Other expecting mamas
Other expecting mamas

Yummy food, courtesy of the very talented Ify.



The decorations were from The Party Stuff, Velocity@Novena and the cake from sgbirthdaycakes. My dress was from asos maternity and the necklace from a store in Lagos (Awolowo road).

Thank you lovely ladies for my shower and the very sweet and useful gifts.

Next up: My ‘Guide to having a Singapore baby’ 🙂



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