World cup breakfast!

Hubby and I woke up on Sunday at the insane hour of 5.30am to head down the road to a friend’s for the England-Italy match.

Tempted by Mayen’s cooking and basically by the opportunity to not have to lift a finger we stumbled down River Valley and joined 3 other friends.


There’s nothing like a fresh cup of Earl Grey whilst snuggling under a blanket….aaaah.

I admit I spent the first 20mins of the match gossiping but then I got into it and it was a really good game.

Hostess with the mostess
Homemade granola and yoghurt, scones and fruit


Sun's up! The hostess finally sits.

During halftime we had a full English breakfast and dissected the game. I thought England played well although Rooney was acting very strangely…missing all kinds of easy kicks or whatever you call them! But we need to win the next match or we might be going home…

We stayed on to watch Cameroon-Japan which was brilliant especially when Drogba came on and 2 goals were scored in under 2 mins!

I have to say its been really nice being able to watch the world cup without the British tabloids banging on about what the wags are wearing. It’s a nice bubble watching it in Singapore where nobody cares!

The matches are on at midnight,  3am and 6am so Sunday may have been a one-off….!

Good luck tonight Nigeria!



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