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I’ve been meaning to do a post on my monthly writers meetings, which we hold every month in one of our homes. Last night it was Lisa’s place in Eunos. We gather and 4 or 5 writers share their work – literary fiction, urban fantasy, young adult, non fiction etc. It’s a lot of fun, especially as there’s always plenty of wine and food. Oh and last night my coffee and dark chocolate brownies were a huge hit so I’ll have to do a post on that! 😉


Last night we said goodbye to Christine, who’s moving back to the UK and who read from her latest work – a romantic fiction set in contemporary Singapore.


Some of the other work we critiqued included a very funny, deadpan short story about a man who has to choose between saving his boss or his colleague from drowning, a great memoir about a woman’s experiences adopting a child in India (brilliantly titled ‘The Chili is not the Whole Curry’) and some flash fiction about a man who sees his dead lover after many years.


I always look forward to our meetings because they inspire and encourage my writing. There are such great writers in this group with different strengths – it’s like having an editor, proofreader and creative team rolled in one. I’m about 3 months into writing a dark thriller called ‘The Painted Lady’, and I can’t wait to share it with the group. Soon…


I highly recommend anyone writing or wanting to write to check us out on Meetup, especially as we’re on the cusp of some exciting changes – splitting the group into many subgroups based on genre, so that each writer can get even more indepth feedback. We also have a group that works on completed or nearly-completed manuscripts which is so generous because it requires committing to reading an entire body of work and then critiquing it.

We organise talks from industry professionals and established writers. Last year (prior to my joining), a bunch of SWG writers headed down to the Singapore Writers Festival and Vanessa successfully pitched her impressive novel and landed an agent. So this a hot group!

There are about 500 writers in the group but only 30 available spaces every meeting and there’s always a rush to snap up a place. So the new system will mean more people can make it to the meetings.

Check out the link to the group below (website soon to be launched) and more pictures of Lisa’s amazing 3-storey townhouse in Eunos.







The Singapore Writers Group

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This is the Meet Up page of The Singapore Writers’ Group.We also have a website at you’re already stuck into a manuscript, poem, short story…

Next Meetup

SWG Social Gathering for the Newbies and the Oldies!

Thursday, Jan 3, 2019, 7:30 PM
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