Furniture Hunting – Part Two


It’s becoming a full-blown obsession and my newest favourite thing to do – furniture hunting on a bank holiday. A friend and I squeezed in 5 stores in one day so here’s my review of each store.

First stop was ‘I wanna go home’, a really elegant store that sells everything from kitchenware and soft furnishings to art work and artificial flowers. It felt like being back on Tottenham road…:)




I particularly loved their selection of cushions and doormats. They have great accessories in the middle to top-middle price range. It’s definitely more sensibly priced than a lot of River Valley stores and there was so much I loved that I really didn’t need and had to force myself to put down.



There are two branches, the flagship in Great World City and a smaller store in Tanglin Mall. We started off in GWC then headed to Tanglin to check out the smaller branch and also a great store called Silk Walk that sells really beautiful Oriental-style lamps. My friend had found the most stunning lamp at one of Silk Walk’s pop-up store in GWC so we wanted to see the store.


I was a bit nervous about taking pictures, wasn't sure if I was allowed!
I was a bit nervous about taking pictures, wasn’t sure if I was allowed!

They have really intricate, ornate pieces that would probably be about double the price in London, so if this is your style, you should pay them a visit. They’re currently having a promotional sale so check out their website for more details (see below)


The teak lamp my friend bought from Silk Walk's GWC popup store
The teak lamp my friend bought from Silk Walk’s GWC popup store

Our next stop was Cluny Court on Bukit Timah road (opposite Botanic Gardens MRT). I’ll definitely be reviewing this mini-mall in a separate post because it has lots of great boutiques. I walked into one and immediately found a pair of faux-ponyskin sandals in a size 8! In Singapore! First time for everything. But I controlled myself and got back to business.

I came here to check out Bungalow 55 but the owner had popped out so we couldn’t go in. It looked heavenly from the outside though – dreamhouse kind of furniture but maybe at dreamhouse prices? Next time I’m in the area I’ll have a look.

Some pictures off Google:


So instead, we explored the rest of Cluny Court – well the 2nd floor. Going up the escalators, I fell in love with the contemporary, square white and black lamps at Mudan, a small shop with its merchandise spread out in the passageway.


Another store I really liked here was Groovy Gifts which had very pretty, feminine merchandise. Unfortunately, nothing I liked really goes with our living room colour scheme but when I hijack our other rooms, I’ll be coming back here.




Our fifth and last stop was Lims in Holland Road Shopping Centre which has everything you could ever need – table mats, coasters, lanterns, sculptures and even heavy duty furniture. If you only have time for one stop, I’d recommend Lims. I think they’ve been around since the 70s and their prices are very good.




There you have it. A very productive day.


PS – Worthy of a quick mention is Ikea for their excellent range of rugs and mirrors. I was very pleasantly surprised.


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