Furniture Hunting

We’ve just started redecorating our apartment, which is giving me a chance to fulfil my wildest desires! I loooooove buying furniture and I haven’t had a chance to do much in Singapore because my husband was very sweet and organised and did as much as he could before I moved here (Lord, 14mths ago!). But now it’s time to make the place cosier and we’re both FINALLY on the same page. No more Ikea! Ikea’s great for storage and little bits here and there, but their furniture is either really thin and cheap (eg plywood) or if it’s good quality then it’s actually surprisingly expensive for what you’re getting.

My ideal, dream world combination is bespoke, vintage/antique and locally made furniture. I’ve brought great art and figurines from Nigeria and hope I can find similar stuff at the upcoming Affordable Art Fair (23-25 May)

I’m not sure I can justify bespoke just yet, but trust me, we’ll get there…

So here are pictures from my first furniture hunt with my friend Mayern. We first went to Big Sale Furniture, a wholesale store that sells antique Chinese and classic French furniture, amongst others. Its a huge place in Paya Ubi, divided by style into 4 sections. There was so much great stuff here. It’s a good idea to have something specific in mind because there’s so much to choose from. There’s definitely stuff I’ll go back for.


They have many different styles of dressing tables in diff types of wood
They have many different styles of dressing tables in diff types of wood
What a fun garden table set
What a fun garden table


I zoomed in on the French antique styles.
I zoomed in on the French antique styles.



My dream garden.....
My dream garden…..

My friend got a great dining set and I got a dresser and side table which I’m very happy with. I highly recommend Big Sale Furniture. My purchases were both mahogany and I loved the quality.

Do take your time to check for defects etc. Unfortunately, Big Sale doesn’t allow you to haggle, all the prices are fixed and are BEFORE GST. They do deliver for free and they take only cash or cheque. Remember to take a bottle of water cos there’s no air conditioning!


Next up was Ghazzal Carpets down the road in Robertson Quay. Hossein, the owner was having a huge sale as he was about to move premises, so we got great deals. He sells fine oriental carpets and rugs, both machine (approx. $500) and handmade (approx. $2000) so his price range is excellent. The best way to contact him is by email:

I got a Persian rug (Iranian) for our living room. I could easily have bought two more, I think I was a rug seller in a past life, I love them so much….it’s a tad irrational! But I think they warm up a house and I don’t know where I would have gotten such a good deal in London.


And here it is in my living room:


Some of the stores I’ll be checking out are AF Home, Gallery 278, and Piece of Mine, all of which are near us, around the River Valley and Mohammed Sultan area. I’ve also been told to check out Lim’s for soft furnishings, which has just started a 40% 10 day sale from today till the 6th of April.

Before I sign off, here are some of the pinterest images inspiring me. Enjoy.











Happy shopping!



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