Singapore Jazz Festival 2014 (Saturday)


Sorry for the delay! My videos took ages to upload and the I got distracted.

Here are highlights from India Arie:


“I am light” (prayer):

I loved the hair reveal after ‘I am not hair’ where she whipped off her fake dreads to reveal her bald head.

“Brown skin”:

“Ready for Love”:

The ANNOYING guy whooping through all the best moments is apparently a celebrity in Singapore, a comedian or something….honestly the guy was so irritating. I felt like going up to him and saying “It’s not all about you right now”. But I didn’t really want to be that girl making trouble right in the middle of a peace and love concert!

Another annoying thing was how anally retentive all the concert staff were. There were three times as many staff as they actually needed. How did I know this? Because as you walked to the ticket stalls, someone would direct you (without being asked) to someone else standing 3 feet away, who would point you towards someone else standing three feet away etc, until finally someone standing RIGHT BY the ticket stall told you that this was the ticket stall! Lord….

Everything ran exactly to time (unheard of at a concert!) and even some of the acts apologised because backstage staff were stressing them to get off.

So great concert but please Singapore, don’t be too efficient and clinical. It’s a jazz concert, no one’s going to break any bottles or get in a fight. Let’s hope next year has a little more character!



PS – My next couple posts are going to be me letting off a little steam! I do love Singapore but the honeymoon phase is over!


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