Singapore Jazz Festival 2014 (Friday)


The first ever SingJazz festival! I can’t believe I heard about it only a week before but I had to scramble to get my tickets. Held over this past Friday – Sunday at Marina Bay Sands, it was a fantastic experience. Much smaller than the Jakarta Java Jazz Festival which took place immediately after, it featured artists like Jamie Cullum, Gregory Porter, Natalie Cole, Incognito and of course INDIA ARIE!

I went to Day 2 and 3 of the 4 day festival. Here are the highlights:



Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole

Here’s a link to my recording: sorry for the shaky start…

Natalie Cole was great, especially on the duets with her late father. Spine-tingling! Can you believe she’s 64! SIXTY-FOUR?! She looks amazing, but a little on the skinny side…the camera really does add a few pounds. A gust of wind could have blown her over! She took a while to warm up, and I can’t say she was what I was expecting from someone who’s been around so long they should be a consummate performer…but her voice was nice and I loved her tribute act to Michael J, Etta James and Chaka Khan.


I’m going to show my ignorance now and admit that I didn’t really know British jazz-funk band INCOGNITO but they were amazing and really livened the place up. Friday’s audience was full of boring squares who just wanted to sip their champagne and sit on their butts but Incognito wouldn’t let them! Awesome vocals!

They’ve been around since 1979 and although I could only recognise one track, it didn’t matter. We boogied!


Love the gold leggings!
Love the gold leggings!


Saturday post coming soon – India Arie!



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