2014 Goals…

So, here are some of my goals for this coming year. I don’t usually write about stuff like this, but since it’s my first full year in Spore, I thought why not write about some of the changes I want to make.

Speaking of changes, I hope you like the new look! It took me AGES and I’m not completely sold on it (perhaps a tad too complicated?) but I’m sick of editing it to death so this is how it’ll stay, at least for now.

Most of my goals are health related, a few are lifestyle. For the most part I’m very happy and I don’t believe in drastic changes. I won’t bother with mundane details or with anything I’m doing more of. I’m caffeine, salt and alcohol free so no changes there (I’m aware of how militant that sounds but it’s not really!)

Here are my goals!

Go dairy free. Yes, it’s abundantly clear that dairy does human beings NO favours and the calcium our bodies need can be gotten from lots of vegetables. So goodbye Dairy Farmer’s Yoghurt, my delicious friend. I’ve already cut out milk because it’s too hot to drink English breakfast or earl grey tea here, but cheese! 😦 I love cheese more than a Frenchman loves…well cheese!

I’m also going to cut out red meat. I think….


Go organic. This is going to hurt in Singapore….so far Fairprice Finest has been decent for fruit and veg but I haven’t seen a SINGLE organic meat or chicken product! And considering they’re usually pumped full of hormones it’s really important to eat organic produce.

Anyway, I’m grabbing whatever I can get my hands on, especially products where you eat the skin (eg tomatoes) and free range (or barn) eggs. At least this way I’m not eating the flesh of distressed, depressed animals!

Be more adventurous with fruit – more pineapple, watermelon, papaya (or ‘paw paw’ as I call it) and mango.
a href=”https://blackgirlinspore.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/love-watermelon.jpg”>Love-Watermelon

Have regular veg smoothies and juices. This one might kill me. But my research shows you should eat your fruit and blend your veg. Hugely beneficial. If I’m going down my husband’s coming with me. *

*All of the above applies to my husband. I do all the shopping and cooking (no we aren’t post-modern, post-gender, post-African unfortunately) so if I’m eating it He’s eating it – or He’s not eating.

Banana, grapes and carrots.
Banana, grapes and carrots.

Try Mallungay (also known as Moringa) This badass plant is pretty much God’s gift to mankind. It grows all over South East Asia and it contains more vitamin a than carrots, more vitamin c than oranges, more calcium than milk and more potassium than bananas. It’s like broccoli, spinach and kale all rolled in one. It has essential amino acids, it balances sugar and so helps with diabetes, it’s antibacterial, rich in antioxidants and helps with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It alleviates asthma and headaches and cleanses ulcers and wounds. It’s a miracle vegetable! It’s the official logo for the Food and Nutrition Research Institute and is given to malnourished children.


You can cook with it (soups, salads etc) but the recommended method is to dry the leaves into a concentrated powder because it’s both a food and a medecine. A friend in the UK has just introduced me to it. She buys the powder over there, but since a bunch of leaves is sold for $1 in Little India, I bought it fresh! I’ve just dried it and really doesn’t taste bad at all. You can mix it in a smoothie or juice.

I’m going to try it for a few months and then review it.

Use plant based cleaning products and get rid of toxic household products. I feel very strongly about this, and I’m very pleased to say that I’ve found lots of plant based, eco friendly products in Spore. Of course they’re a little pricer but that’s the case everywhere and it encourages you not to waste.

I’m just about to make to make my own household cleanser (lemon juice and baking soda). Delia, eat your heart out.



Finish the second draft of my novel. Nothing to do but to stop time wasting and DO IT.

Exercise more often, but at a lower intensity. I’m so achieving this goal. What’s the point of killing yourself three times a week and then not being able to face the gymn for two weeks after that? Im going to try to spend more time doing yoga, pilates and walking, and less time doing torturous, fat burning classes like TRX Blast! Life is a marathon not a sprint.

Oh the pain...
Oh the pain...

Be more supportive of Arsenal. Stop being so negative about our Premiership chances and start supporting my husband more. Yes Theo Walcott is out of the game now (what an idiot) and we probably won’t sign any strikers this month, but I need to be more loyal. Also I just came up with a great chant for Ozil…it beats “Na na na na-na-na, na-na-na-na Giroud”(specially as he’s barely scored any goals this season!)

"Stay away from the light Theo!"
“Stay away from the light Theo!”

Have a joyful expectation of all the great things life has to offer. Rest in God’s grace, which keeps blessing us when we least deserve it. Do less, rest more.

So those are my goals, neatly fitting into a nice round 10.

We shall see how far I get!



2 thoughts on “2014 Goals…

  1. Hahahaha I don’t agree with point 9…..why should you suffer too? Become a spurs fan K, more happiness that way.

    Also liking the new layout, works well and looks professional-good job! Hope you two are well.



    1. Thanks Tobi! Glad u like d new look. We’re both v good, time flies by here. Re no 9, hmm how can I put this….I’d rather be boiled in a vat of oil than support Spurs! Kai! Spurs??? Love u tho!


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