So it’s been a minute. I have to admit, I haven’t been that inspired in Spore lately – maybe it’s the rain or just the Autumn lull.

Anyway,  I’ve decided to share some of my online inspirations, especially my Nigerian inspirations for my Singaporean readers, who I know are always excited by new ideas and designs.

First up is iofafrica, a great website that features interviews of African fashion designers,  filmmakers etc

I love the host Aina Fadina, and especially like the interviews of Nigerian designers Jewelbylisa and Tsemaye Binitie.

Jewelbylisa creates funky, young pieces on patterned cloth called ankara,  while Tsemaye Binitie’s clothes are really clean and sophisticated. Both designers show in Lagos and New York.

Jewel by Lisa '12


Thandie Newton in JewelbyLisa
Tsemaye Binitie 2013 collection
Tsemaye Binitie 2013 collection

This is a great place to find out about African fashion.

If you’re into bags, especially clutches,  then you have to check out Zashadu. She makes the most luxurious handmade bags out of soft calfskin, leather and even snakeskin. Her ethos ‘exploring the tension between quiet elegance and unabashed glamour’ is soooo Singapore! I actually went to school with her but I wont be holding my breath for a discount!

Her bags come in rich jewel tones, golds, royal blues,  and lots of them are accessorized with semi-precious stones. Best thing – international shipping.

Goatskin suede and croc print gold hide
Jewelled box clutch with amethyst stone

I love this picture of Jewelbylisa’s PR manager carrying a Zashadu bag made of another popular Nigerian fabric called aso-oke.


The cool designer carrying her popular TKO bag:


Check out her website for her full collection and her instagram for a peep into the designer’s world.

Hope you enjoyed this diversion into Nigerian style and fashion. More coming up!



2 thoughts on “Inspirations…Nigeria!

  1. It you like Tsemaye, check out Bridget Awosika. Her most recent collection was AMAZING. There is also a label called Gidan Nodza (I think?) that has very well made/well priced bags, that blend african materials and leather. She has a woven aso oke bag that is really beautiful. And I recently discovered a website called kisua that partners with african designers to produce capsule collections and I’m pretty sure they ship to Singapore so you don’t have to keep pining from a distance.
    Nice to see you biggin up our peeps way out in s’pore.


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