28 – Bar

After dinner last Friday we decided to check out 28, a New York Prohibition style bar in Clarke Quay. Its deliberately hard to find, hidden behind a nondescript door on 28 Hong Hong street.

The lighting was dimmed and our menus came with night lights. We definitely wouldn’t have been able to get in on a Saturday without a reservation.

It was too dark to take pics and flash isn’t allowed.

I liked the atmosphere and the music (remixed Jay-z and Alicia Keys) was very good. I also liked the cocktail names and the recipes looked good but unfortunately they didn’t live up to the hype.

I’m a mocktailler most of the time, but I tried their Hotel Nacional a rum based drink which tasted like vodka and hubbie had their Slip Me a Mickey- a ginger infused cognac that was extremely sour!

Its meant to have one of the best selections of liquor and apparently the food there, which we didn’t try, is very good. But although I liked the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of being hidden from the world, I’m not sure its my kind of spot.


If you like expensive liquors and want a quiet, chilled spot to enjoy them then I’d recommend 28, but I prefer somewhere livelier with a bit more character and drinks more suited to my taste.



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