Sweet, chic children’s boutique

I had to buy a present for a 1st birthday celebrant on Sunday and so headed to Paragon’s top floor on Orchard road. I love Paragon. It has the same escapist feel as Selfridge’s Womenswear department. Its not huge but you can find  designers like Adolfo Dominguez, Balenciaga, Coast London (shudder at the markup) Maria Grachvogel and Miu Miu. Also, there’s usually a live jazz pianist and singer to add to the soothing atmosphere and help you part with your cash.

The top floor is the kids floor, with Armani Junior, Toys R Us and a carousel and play area.

I decided on Caramel Baby & Child, an English brand which I thought the one year old’s mum might appreciate. Its a cute, cosy store and it attracts a lot of tourists visiting from colder countries.








My present! Hope she liked it
Wooden cards which last longer and are much more sentimental

So for mums and dads, check out Caramel for really lovely pieces and maybe a special outfit or two.



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