Formula1 weekend!

So, with the roar of Formula 1 in my ears and taxi drivers driving like boy-racing maniacs, I managed to completely ignore the festivities! I wanted to check out the concerts but neither of that main acts interested me (Justin Beiber is a child and I don’t think much more of Rihanna). Fingers crossed for some jazz acts next year.

Instead I headed down to Lime house in Jiak Chuan street for a friend’s 50th birthday. Lime House is Singapore’s only Carribean restaurant and a great place for after work drinks.


caption=”Who's this cute guy?”]image

After that it was Ku de ta, the rooftop bar in Marina Bay Sands which charged extortionate prices for drinks and entry – cashing in on the playboy millionaires who follow the grand Prix round the world.

It was fun – the Dj was excellent and the people watching was even better. All the girls squeezed themselves into dresses several sizes too small and fought for the attentions of greasy old men.

And then to bed.

I know I’m a party pooper but I’m glad my city’s back to normal.



2 thoughts on “Formula1 weekend!

  1. The carribean restaurant looks so good! Very authentic as I imagine that colonial style. What was the food like?
    And have to been to actual F1 races before in Spore? X


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