GV Gold Class – the ultimate cinema experience…

Alright, I’m about to get all diva up in here!

Golden Village cinema’s Gold Class is unbelievable…

A tiny cinema with its own luxury lounge bar, it seats 24 people, has huge armchairs that open out into lounge beds, a waiting service (with your own button to call staff) and a full food and drink menu!

Na wa o!

All this for an extortionate price right? Nope! $40 a ticket! That’s £20!

Ok granted, you still have to pay for the food n drink, but snuggling under a blanket, sipping daiquiris and nibbling spring rolls is worth it my friend!

We went to the one in Vivocity but there are a few scattered around Singapore – e.g Great White City and Katong.

Thanks to my hubby for treating me but I feel bit sorry for him…cos I’ve tasted luxury and I can’t go back. Heh heh.

We saw ‘The Lone Ranger’, mainly out of a lack of choices. I enjoyed it (somewhat) but it was looooong.

Biggest compliment to Johnny Depp as we walked out:

Me: “Why does Johnny Depp always have to smear on all that makeup and prance around?

Hubby: Johnny Depp was in this film?? Who did he play?




3 Comments Add yours

  1. taiye says:

    Lol at Hubby! Want to see that film..but you definitely wouldn’t get that luxury for £20 in London!
    And eating spring rolls in cinema..amazing!



  2. Kehinde says:

    Yeah it was a lot of fun. But worth enjoying when the movie’s REALLY good.


  3. Tony says:

    hahahahahaha…..absolutely cracking up…can imagine Wols saying that


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