Chicken coconut curry

“Don’t you two ever eat at home?”, my father asked only a few weeks ago.

So just to prove I do cook, here’s a dish made from ingredients from Little India’s Tekka Market.

I tried to make everything from scratch but my coconut oil and cream attempt failed so I just bought it from Fairprice. It’s ok though because I know where I went wrong so I’ll try it again soon.

I’m not one for measuring but I’ll give as much info as possible.

Chicken breast
Onions (1)
Garlic (half a bulb)
Tomatoes (3 medium sized)
Limes (3 small sized)
Lemongrass stalk (1)
Birds eye pepper (2)
Small red pepper (1)
Fennel (1/2 tspn)
Tumeric (1 tspn)
Cumin(1/2 tspn)
Ginger (1 arm)
Coconut cream (350ml)
Coconut oil (2 tablespns)


First marinate the chopped up chicken breast with salt, pepper, onions and Carribean Everyday seasoning (or any All Purpose seasoning).

Fry the marinated chicken breast in a little coconut oil until half done then remove from the pot.

Fry the garlic, tomatoes and peppers together.

Add the tumeric, cumin and fennel.

Squeeze juice from the limes and add grated ginger

Cook on a low heat for about 5 mins then add the chicken and turn up the heat up, stirring well.

Add the coconut cream (approx 300ml) and a stalk of lemongrass ( with the bottom chopped off) and let everything simmer for approx 5mins.

Add mint sprigs and its done!

I served this curry with some brown rice and plantain.


Onions, garlic& tomatoes


Chicken back in





Hope you enjoy the recipe. I actually bought a curry paste but I had all the ingredients already so it wasn’t needed.

The hubby gave it 9 out of 10 which is my highest score ever! V proud. I really enjoyed cooking this dish. It’s mad that all I had to add while cooking was salt to taste because the spices and peppers seasoned the chicken wonderfully and the coconut cream was so sweet.

If you want more recipes and love cooking and baking or just want to experiment more, check out my friend Priya’s blog –



6 thoughts on “Chicken coconut curry

  1. The curry looks good, but I’m more interested in finding out the right way of making the coconut cream so make sure you post it. I’m a little late on the bandwagon, but I’m loving the blog.


    1. Better late than never. Glad you like it. The coconut cream is work o! But my lovely cleaning lady got me a coconut squeezer so I can make it now. Need to find a new recipe with coconut…


  2. Hi,
    I posted a couple of comments earlier on. Not sure if they were posted. Apologies if they were cos i’m sure i would have spammed you. Haha/
    Anyways i’ll be coming to SG (2nd time) from manila. Just curious if there’s any african (Nigerian specifically) restaurant around. Lord knows my tongue would def need some of those flavor we miss here in Manila.
    Couldn’t find an email on your blog. xx


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