BGIS in Mumbai! Part Deux

So here are my Mumbai purchases (minus a blouse that’s always in the wash when I’m ready to take pics! Sorry!)

First up clothes. Finally – linen! No more polyester!

100% linen blouse from The Oak Tree
Enjoying posing way too much
Glass necklace - The Oak Tree
Necklace from Coloba Causeway



Sans makeup - v brave
I got 2 of these silk scarves from Shawlsons at The Oberoi
Shawlsons' scarves come in these lovely silk bags. I also got two 100% cashmere shawls for a steal but they're gifts so I dont want to ruin the surprise.

I got a really pretty tea strainer (cos I take my tea seriously) and some lavender satchets to keep clothes fresh from Good Earth.


Now for some randoms…

Lovely cane and embroidered hotel welcome bag
Cartouche Jewel Tea glasses. A present from the bride who knows me all too well.
A batua gift bag (pronounced 'buh-too-ah')

Finally, a couple of the outfits I rocked in Mumbai.

Outfit from Melange
Warehouse dress, Colobar Causeway necklace, House of Fraser clutch and Russell & Bromley heels - which you can't see!

So those were my purchases. Mostly practical stuff because that’s what I needed. The Oak Tree was a little pricey but Cottonworld was comparable to London’s high street and the luxurious items were a fantastic deal and incredible quality.

Hope you enjoyed the post and here are the addresses for the stores below if you ever find yourself in Mumbai. They’re definitely worth a visit.


Good Earth, 2 Reay House, Colaba, Near The Taj Hotel, Mumbai
The Oak Tree, 18 Cusrow Baug, Colaba, Mumbai
Cotton World, 8 Ram Nimi building, Mandlik road, Colaba
Shawlsons House of Oriental Carpets, Shawls & Woolen Fabrics, 60 New Oberoi Shopping Centre, The Oberoi, Mumbai


5 thoughts on “BGIS in Mumbai! Part Deux

  1. Wow! I love love love this post! U really kept us waiting for the best, so beautiful! Love the jewellery but especially the necklaces, gorgeous.
    please keep it coming!


  2. Kehinde, I’m going to give you an address to post the outfit from melange and the glass necklace to. Don’t think about it. Just do it!


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