Hello! Just sharing some of my recent purchases from Charles&Keith, one of my favourite stores in Singapore. Its dirt cheap, and quite frankly, not the best quality but they have size 8 shoes and shoes never last in Spore anyway. Also they’re partly owned by LVMH so its a great store for an instant fashion fix.

According to their website, you can get their goods in the UK and Nigeria but I couldn’t find any branches under their store locator. So maybe its delivery only…check it out if you like their stuff.

They’ve got up to 50% summer sales right now but I’m going to hold off and buy duty-free when I travel next.

Enjoy the pics (I couldn’t find my receipt so approximated). The link to their website is pasted below.

Mumbai part 2 and a twist on a film review coming up later this week!





$35. Detachable card holder


One Comment Add yours

  1. Taiye says:

    I love the white sandals with gold detail, and the bracelet too.
    Heard good things about Charles & Keith so will definitely try to order to UK
    Do you think their accessories are safer bet than terms of quality and longevity?

    Taiye xx


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